Why Matrix?

Relax and Watch TV

Enjoy watching TV without having to increase the volume and bothering any loved ones in your home.

Save Money

No more need to spend $200+ a year on battery replacements anymore! More then 17 hours of battery life per charge.

Easy To Use

Our Matrix X1 is very user friendly. One easy to adjust button controls the whole device. No more dealing with changing small batteries or hard to adjust volume.

What Our Customers Have to say

After fitting the correct size cup on these so it will fit up in the ear deeper. I will put this set up against any aids on the market made. The sound quality is great. on a scale of 1-10, I give these a 20. I have tried several other aids and these are no doubt the best. Soon I will get another pair for standby. Be sure to fit them in your ear.

Adam S. Nevada

My Husband and I would like to thank you for the amazing customer service throughout the entire process. The Devices are working great!!! Instead of Al saying "What did you say?" He now tells me I don't need to talk so loud. Instead of asking for the TV volume to be raised he is asking to lower it, Amazing! He had tried different devices in the past but none worked like these. Thank you so much we truly appreciate the great service you provided.

Mary Ellen - Sacramento

A very good product, just what I needed for partial hearing loss in my right ear. Now I can hear my wife when she talks when I'm driving! I been wearing a number of different hearing devices for over 2 years now and I am unwilling to spend over 1,000 dollars on a hearing aid. this one is now my new favorite. it is lightweight, discreet and works great! i am very happy i decided to make the purchase.

Samantha W. New Jersey